Looking for a way to have more efficient employees?

Do you wish that your employees could better manage their time?

Are you using all of the best productivity tools and technology to run a profitable business?

Office Organization servicesWe are a productivity consulting and professional organizing firm, who helps clients who are challenged by chronic disorganization and brain-based conditions like ADD, ADHD, OCD and Hoarding. We help our clients develop systems that are simple to follow. Our systems are designed to help our clients become more organized, productive and less overwhelmed. If you are thinking your employees don’t have a brain-based condition, that’s okay. We use what we have learned to help our brain-based challenged clients to simplify everything we help design.

Services/Solutions Provided:

  • On site hands on productivity consulting/organizing services
  • On site/Virtual training
  • Workshops

Time Management Workshop

We have spent years exploring productivity and time management tools that can help your employees manage their time better. We share our most successful tools and planners that help keep our clients organized. We offer a hands on workshop format, that helps your employees start using and implementing the learned time management tool the same day!

  • Paper planners, digital planners
  • Favorite tools and productive apps
  • Time blocking and effective use of time blocks
  • Is electronic technology right for you?
  • Why paperless may not be right for your team

Half Day & Full Day Workshops available

Some of your employees may have different learning styles, so they would benefit from individual training. Here are some of our other programs.

  • One on One coaching – onsite or virtual
  • Smaller Group coaching – onsite or virtual
  • Specific Productive App Training


Based on a study commissioned by Brother-USA, the average amount of time lost per year looking for misplaced items is estimated at 38 working hours. Per employee! That’s almost one work week of lost productivity for everyone that works in your office.

That is a cost to you!  Whether you’re a major corporation, or working out of an office in your home, Organizing Maniacs offers Business Organizing solutions that not only reduce your costs, but can improve your company file organization, time management, paper flow, office productivity and morale.

Organizing Maniacs’ Custom Solutions:

  • Time management
  • Productivity tools
  • Filing systems
  • Tax files
  • Basic QuickBooks®
  • Streamlined bill-paying systems
  • Business office in the home
  • Clutter removal
  • Relocation
  • Databases
  • Space planning
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Digital File Management
  • IRS Audits
  • Email Management

Our professional organizers have organized hundreds of offices.  Don’t waste another minute looking at those piles of papers in your office or the clutter around your home.  We provide services to clients in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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