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There are times when you can get away with an out-of-place pile of paper, a computer that needs recycling, or some clothing in a closet that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Then, there is more junk mail arriving, new electronics being purchased, and the inflow of stuff into your home that does not stop. You can temporarily choose to close the office door, keep the closet unused, move all of the bags into the basement or garage and vow to take care of the clutter soon. Unfortunately, you are getting more stuck, and feeling more overwhelmed, without a real solution in sight. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel good about your home, your business or your life. If that sounds familiar, our Certified Professional Organizers (CPO®), Certified Professional Organizers in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®) and Productivity Consultants at Organizing Maniacs® can help.

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Home Organizing

Are you just fed up with the clutter around your house and want to improve your home’s space functionality? Organizing Maniacs can help you be more productive at home and reduce stress in your life.

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Business Organizing

Whether you’re a major corporation, or working out of a home office, Organizing Maniacs offers solutions that not only reduces your costs, it can improve your company morale.

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Life transitions are a great opportunity for charting a new direction in life. It’s so much easier to plan this when your space is uncluttered, organized and clear.

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“I can not recommended Cris and her company enough! She was referred to me from a friend in Maryland (I’m in Vienna) after my husband died and I was completely overwhelmed with boxes of filing, insurance forms, and paperwork that had accumulated for the three years my husband was sick.
Melissa Z, - Vienna, VA
“Sure, there are times when we have to put things aside and focus on what is most pressing. However, the disorder in our living space, or mind space, or our body space eventually catches up with us. The life that we are each given is a precious gift, so why not try to make the most of it?”
David K, - Mclean, Va
“I wanted to write to thank you for yesterday’s organizing session. All of our organizing sessions so far have produced visible results. There are also results that aren’t visible on the outside.
Those invisible results are the internal changes that are capable of breaking a pattern that has been responsible for creating the external reality.”
Katie S, Reston, Va
“I just wanted to let you know how worthwhile your help has been! After you left last week, I was able to tackle the kitchen and bathroom areas in no time — I guess it was just the motivation of having the really ‘big stuff’ done.
Claire S, - Washington, DC
“Stephanie was awesome! My closet is completely organized now, and with her absolutely ingenious suggestions, I’ll get even more storage in my small space. I was very excited to get so much accomplished.”
Monique S, - Ashburn, VA
“I appreciate everything you do. The value and impact that you bring to the lives of the people you touch cannot solely be measured monetarily! Bringing order to chaos is something very special and life changing.

You rock!”

Nicki R, - Sterling, VA
“Thank you so much for your help. We are leaving in a few days and I believe could have not done it without your help. If you can believe it the house sold for asking price in 10 days. I am not sure if I told you the VA appraiser told me an organized and clean house sells quickly.”
Nancy C, - Great Falls, VA
“Thank you for the assessment of my memorabilia. I am going through an old, old box right now — one I have not opened in probably 20 years — and inside is all the dollhouse furniture I used to play with (and that my Mom bought me for b-day and Hanukah gifts).”
Daisy M, - Vienna, VA
“It was a delight working with you. Every time I go downstairs I smile ear to ear. Can’t thank you enough! Study also! I hope you realize the importance of what you do and how many smiles you put on faces! ”
Mary M, -Leesburg, VA
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Certified Professional Organizers
Cris is the owner and founder of Organizing Maniacs®, LLC, a productivity consulting and professional organizing service company located in Ashburn, VA. Organizing Maniacs provides services to those in the Washington, DC Metro area. Cris is a Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, productivity consultant, speaker and business success educator dedicated to helping individuals and businesses become productive, organized, and successful. Read More...
Certified Professional Organizers
Jennifer was born and raised in Pottstown, PA. While her roots are planted proudly in the East Coast, it wasn’t until she traveled half-way around the globe to Honolulu, HI with her 8-year-old son, Ryder that she really began to blossom. It was in that tropical paradise that Jennifer learned how to slow down her fast-paced mind and to relax, rejuvenate, and find peace in nature. Read More...
Certified Professional Organizers
Karen was born in Havre de Grace, MD in the very same hospital as Cal Ripken. A few years later she moved to Northern Virginia where she now lives with her husband and furry children – Alfie the Cat, and the mutts Boo and Tipper who Karen prefers to think of as designer breeds of unknown origins. When she’s not adopting rescue animals or sending out pictures of Alfie’s latest mischief... Read More...
Certified Professional Organizers
It was a “heads” California, “tails” Virginia choice when Patti flipped a coin 20 years ago; “tails” won and she has never looked back. Patti and her husband packed up their three young boys and their Chevy Astro van and spent 10 days driving cross-country. Read More...
Certified Professional Organizers
Pondara “Mimi” Sykhounmeuang is a New England sports fanatic who is obsessed with football, baseball and anything else sports related! She was born and raised in Torrington a small town in CT, which was a fun coincidence that Cris’ cousin currently lives in that same small town. It is a small world after all! Read More...
Certified Professional Organizers
Trang enjoys anything and everything that has to do with sports – especially tennis, soccer and college football. She is a cinephile, which is just a fancy word for “Movie Lover”! Ask her about her favorite movies when you meet! Read More...
Certified Professional Organizers
Leanna is an avid outdoor adventurer, enjoying rock climbing, hiking, and taking in views. She hopes to travel to many exotic locations around the world throughout her life, but in the meantime she is happy at home with her cat and loves spending quality time with her nearby family. In her spare time, Leanna enjoys being crafty, often assembling unique homemade presents for family and friends. Read More...

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