Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport is for everyone looking for Attention Management, not Time Management tools.

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.” – Cal Newport

In Digital Minimalism, Newport helps us learn to live in a world with constant distraction. Most of us are addicted to our screens, but research shows that if you spent a large portion of your day in fragmented focus, it will eventually permanently reduce your ability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time.

Are you a Digital Minimalist or a Maximalist?

  • How many Apps do you have on your phone?
  • How many Apps do you use daily?
  • Can you have lunch with a friend or loved one without looking at your phone?
  • What do you feel when your phone is not near you?
  • What is the longest you can go without checking your notifications?
  • Which App do you spend most of your time on, and how important is that App to your real life?

Most people, adults and teens alike, are experiencing higher levels of anxiety because we’re never getting enough downtime.

Maniac Takeaway

Find a small amount of time everyday to just let my brain rest and wonder without consuming any new information.

  • Become more intentional about what you do with your time. Make plans in advance
  • Fix or build something every week. Do the project all the way to the end
  • Join something new – a club, a group, a volunteer organization

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport is available on Amazon.

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