Monthly Archives: July 2017

Organizing for Summer: Camping

Camping is a favorite summer adventure, but it is also an activity that requires a lot of equipment, tools, and personal belongings. The last thing you want to do is finally arrive at your remote destination only to realize that you forgot the toilet paper! With these important tips, you can easily take the stress […]

Organizing and Storing Messy Summer Stuff

Summer is a wonderful time for many children.
They can play outside for long periods of time, and the options are endless and exciting. Unfortunately, many of these options can be messy. Sidewalk chalk, outdoor games, foam sports toys, water guns, and sprinklers and pools can create a mess, but they also can be difficult to […]

Organizing for Summer: Maintaining the Yard

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities: Picnics at the park, games in the yard, and fun times at the pool. However, summer also comes with tedious chores that can easily get out of hand. Organizing everything you need for yard care can be a challenge. It’s common to get no more than halfway through […]

Maniacs Book Club ~ Junk ~ Alison Stewart

Report by Jennifer Sheller

You may remember Alison Stewart from MTV News in the 90’s, but recently the award winning journalist decided to take a fascinating look into “Junk: America’s Love Affair with Stuff.”

Her journey begins when her mother passes away. She and her sister take on the task of sorting through her stuff. […]

July Is Anti-Boredom Month: 5 Activities to Combat Boredom

by Kathryn Anderson
It is now July: the kids have been out of school for a few weeks already, and the excitement of summer vacation is decreasing with every waking moment. Perhaps the kids spend their days sleeping until noon and watching television. Or maybe they’re slightly more productive, and play outside all day with their friends. […]