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Back to School Organization: Tips to Minimize Chaos

Back to School Organization:  Develop Strong Routines

Kids thrive on routines. And as much as we may not want to admit it, so do adults. This is particularly true for children and adults with ADHD. Many of the benefits of strong time management and organization in general are built on a foundation of routine. Training your […]

Back to School Means Back to Organization

According to a study released today by our friends at, the place to find the best deals on self-storage and full-service storage, 45 percent of Americans believe fall (Back to School time) is the best time to get organized – debunking the notion that spring cleaning is the most opportune time to get your home in […]

The Olympics Are Over; Boost in Productivity Commencing!


Who else spent every night watching the Olympics?  I sure did!  I couldn’t get enough of it, and every night, I went to sleep so proud of the Olympians and their hard work.

I have to admit, their stories made me cry on several occasions.  There were so many “first time in history” events, and we […]

Organize your Life with Think Board!

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find my desk full of stick notes with things I need to do!

Yes, I have a planner pad, and a daily planner, and I manage my daily to do list on a sheet of paper.  One of my favorite books, ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your […]

Strategies to Help You Minimize

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

In a day and age where having “stuff” is everything, collections can grow and clutter becomes overwhelming. Minimalism is a new trend, but it’s not about just getting rid of stuff – it’s about being smart about what you keep, what you value, and how you store it so that you can find […]

Lyme Disease Requires a Holistic Approach to Organization

Guest Contributor Coach Sue West, Organizing Coach & ADHD Specialist

My organizing client had been in treatment for chronic Lyme disease for several months already by the time she figured out that an organizing coach might be able to help. Some days she literally couldn’t get out of bed with her fatigue and joint issues. Lyme disease also […]