Monthly Archives: April 2015

How To Get Started

We all have that project. The one we think about every once in a while but then suddenly remember we’re supposed to be doing something…anything but that. Maybe it’s cleaning out your garage for the spring. Maybe it’s going through that overflowing filing cabinet in your office. Perhaps it’s decluttering your kitchen. Whatever the home […]

4 Steps to Reorganize Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen out of control?  Is the lack of an organization system driving you crazy but you don’t know where to start?  Try these 4 Steps to Reorganize Your Kitchen and spend more time cooking and less time looking for things!

1. Have a plan

Many times, gadgets and utensils are where they are simply because […]

Change your Habits to Better Organize your Home and Manage your Time

In his article published on Can’t Kick A Bad Habit? You’re Doing It Wrong. author Nir Eyal explains how he beat his bad habits with what he calls “progressive extremism”. And while the majority of the article focuses on habits pertaining to diet and exercise, there is much that can be transferred into the […]