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Work it Harder, Make it Better, Do it Faster, Makes us Stronger – Kevin Roose

I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with the funny and talented Kevin Roose of Matter and the New York Magazine, a couple of months ago.

He has written a series on Self Improvement, which is funny and full of useful tips.  Here is his take on working from home!

Work It Harder Make It Better Do […]

Meet Wendy Massarelli

Meet Wendy Massarelli!  Wendy grew up in Ohio and has brought her love of the Ohio State Buckeye’s all the way with her to Northern Virginia.  And while Ohio may be called “The Mother of Presidents,” Wendy could just as well be called “The Mother of Time Management.” We sat down with Wendy to find […]

Take Control Of Your Life Changes With These Three Steps

Life moves fast and it is sometimes hard to even keep up with the pace, let alone feel like you’re getting ahead. If you’re going through a transition in you life, no matter if it’s a happy one or one that was chosen for you, take control of your life changes with these three steps.

Get […]

3 Components of Executive Functions You Never Knew About

3 Components of Executive Functions You Never Knew About

Self-Regulation of Emotion

One of the most unknown or least understood components of executive dysfunction in my experience is the connection between it and emotions. As Dr. Barkley notes in his book Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, “”Emotions are powerful motivators…If we have no control over our […]