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Book Club – The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown

“Your guide to a wholehearted life.” It was a guide to a wholehearted book club discussion! One of the Maniacs thought that it is unrealistic to live your life absolutely free from other people’s expectations and standards. Two other Maniacs felt that it is possible and are implementing it as much as possible. What do you think...?

3 Things You Should Do to Make a Big Impact on Your Organization

3 Things You Should Do to Make a Big Impact on Your Organization - Familiarize yourself with technology. It can be scary, but it can also be a big asset. Whether you’re trying to balance work,

Senior Living Terms

May is Older Americans Month and we at Organizing Maniacs would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for our older clients. They are some of the most fun, lively, and interesting clients we have worked with and we are grateful to them for allowing us into their lives. There is still confusion around different resources available to the older population so we've put together a list of common senior living terms you may hear

Clutter-free Mother's Day Gifts

Does your mom have everything she could possibly ever need? The maniacs share their favorite clutter-free mother's day gifts ideas.

How do I Recycle Musical Instruments?

Instruments in the Attic and MusicLink Foundation are two ways to recycle old musical instruments


Change is a beautiful thing. Change is a scary thing. Whether chosen or imposed, good or bad, change brings a certain amount of inherent chaos that if not addressed can derail even the most organized among us. While changes to the physical space are most visible in transitions, it is equally