4 Ways to Organize Digital Clutter

When was the last time you organized your computer?
Did you know that your computer needs cleaned, too? No, not the crumbs off the keyboard, but your actual data. A clean desktop and organized files promote productivity and reduces stress. When you don’t have to scroll through dozens of files, you can easily find what you […]

Resetting Our Password Habits

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton
Who has trouble remembering their passwords? I recently wrote a blog about passwords, Organize Your Passwords, so it is ironic that it took me three times to get into this site to write this blog!  It’s time to reset our password habits. With the password requirement being a minimum one upper case letter, one […]

How to Make the Most of your Filing System

How to Make the Most of your Filing System

If you’ve got piles of paper stacking up around your office, your countertops, and other available flat surfaces, chances are that your filing system isn’t working for you.  Filing is a tricky game these days where there are so many options for paperless and electronic files, but […]

How To – Organize Your Office

How To – Organize Your Office

Keep your style in mind

Does your desk face away from the rest of the house and leave you staring at a blank wall? Is it dark and you thrive on light? Is it cold and you work better in the warm? Does the artwork inspire or distract you? Set yourself […]

Student Organizing Tips

Student Organizing Tips

The first semester of school has come and gone. How have your kids survived? For many children, especially those who started middle or high school for the first time the first semester can be tricky. A new set of expectations, a new type of schedule, all things that make the transition difficult for […]

Annual MARCPO Conference

The Organizing Maniacs are self-diagnosed education junkies and for our latest professional development fix we spent a fun and knowledge-filled Saturday in Bethesda, MD at the annual MARCPO conference. Speakers presented on topics including clutter blindness, student organizing, digital clutter, vintage items, and even YouTube!

The student organizing session reminded us about the differences between general […]

Simple Tricks to Organize Your Inbox and Say Goodbye to Email Clutter

Just because something doesn’t take up any physical space, doesn’t mean it can’t clutter up your life or affect your productivity and time management. You know what I’m talking about… emails! Some are fun, some are discounts, and some are really important messages we don’t want to miss. For many of us, though, emails are […]

Work it Harder, Make it Better, Do it Faster, Makes us Stronger – Kevin Roose

I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with the funny and talented Kevin Roose of Matter and the New York Magazine, a couple of months ago.

He has written a series on Self Improvement, which is funny and full of useful tips.  Here is his take on working from home!

Work It Harder Make It Better Do […]

MOS: Magnetic Organization System

The Maniacs love to try new products! Our most recent organizational tool is the MOS: Magnetic Organization System. It is “a versatile magnetic organizer” meant to sit on your desk

How Do Professional Organizers Manage Their Time?

How Do Professional Organizers Manage Their Time?
Have you ever met someone who was really organized and thought to yourself – How do they do it? What’s their secret? As Professional Organizers, our clients often ask us just that. And while there’s no secret app or magical formula we can offer, we can show you the […]