Life Transitions


Change is a beautiful thing. Change is a scary thing. Whether chosen or imposed, good or bad, change brings a certain amount of inherent chaos that if not addressed can derail even the most organized among us. While changes to the physical space are most visible in transitions, it is equally

Moving Made Simple

Want a smooth moving day? Start early, plan accordingly! I’ve moved about once a year for the past decade or so. My husband and I met in college then bounced around from place to place, coast to coast, house to house. Moving is fun! Exciting! Stressful… expensive... Wait, what? As we’ve gotten older and become more settled in other areas of our lives, moving has become a bit more complex than shoving our clothing and animals into the car

Tech Tuesday – My Move App

My Move App - According to the developer My Move is “a complete move planner for your upcoming relocation.” Price: Free Platforms: Android, iPhone. I recently moved and thought it would be a great time to test out My Move.

Book Club – Dirty Secret – Jessie Sholl

Dirty Secret – Jessie Sholl If you have ever kept a secret for even a short amount of time, it often feels liberating to finally tell it to someone, anyone, no matter how hard it is to do. In Jessie Sholl’s book, Dirty Secret, she does just that. In her book Jessie describes the roller coaster of emotions as she lived with her Mother’s hoarding (the Dirty Secret), and how it felt to finally tell the world. She describes how life was while living with both of her parents and then after their divorce – living between two houses (one normal, one not). Her childhood was anything but normal and happy and impacted her adult life in many ways.

Life Transitions – A Shift in Perspective

As my life transition to being an active aunt, I’ve realized an important lesson – my goals don’t have to change, but my approach to them does. My life isn’t the same now; I have to embrace that and plan accordingly. Here’s how I adjusted some of my approaches to getting things done.

Happy New Year! What's Your Goal?

Happy New Year! “This year I’m going to get organized!” As professional organizers, we work with people every day whose goal it is to get and stay organized. Some people will want to find an organized filing system that works to manage all of their paper, some need help integrating technology into their on-the-go lifestyle,

Looking for People who Hoard who have Undergone a Forced Cleanout

Call for Participants for "The Lived Experience of People who Hoard who have Undergone a Forced Cleanout of their Home." The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) is collaborating with the Hoarding Project , to recruit participants for a clinical research study titled "The Lived Experience of People who Hoard who have Undergone a Forced Cleanout of their Home."

Life Transitions – It happens to organized people too!

Every week we work with clients who are going through, about to go through, or have just been through a major life transition. These typically include a change in any combination of the following: marital status, death of a loved one, job status, living situation. In the last ten years of my life I have managed to hit most of these transitions. I have moved eleven times (I know, it’s extreme), gotten married

Are You Blissfully Merging Two Households Together?

I read an interesting article in a bride magazine, while waiting at the dentist office the other day, and it made me think. Most engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Now, everyone is blissfully planning their wedding. However, a lot of people have no idea how they are going to merge their stuff together after marriage. Merging households is one of the most stressful transitions a couple will go through.