5 Hacks to Declutter the Kitchen Counter

These 5 hacks will help you declutter the kitchen counter just in time for the holidays - and help you keep them decluttered into next year!

Organizing the Fridge

Decluttering and Food Safety
Organizing the fridge is about more than making it easier to get to the eggs, although that is a great perk when cooking or baking. It’s about removing that forgotten takeout container buried behind the milk and juice. It’s about creating some logic in how you store (and rotate) your refrigeration-required food […]

5 Ways To Design An Organized And Clutter-Free Kitchen

Guest Contributor: Meridian Homes

I am pleased to share another guest blog post from our friends at Meridian Homes in Bethesda, MD. This time, we explore ways to design an organized and clutter-free kitchen.

We can’t say enough about the importance of planning well for your kitchen remodel, can save you a lot of frustration when you […]

7 Kitchen Cabinets Designs for Better Organization

Guest Contributor: Meridian Homes

I am excited to share a guest blog post from our friends at Meridian Homes in Bethesda, MD on how to design kitchen cabinets for better kitchen organization.

We have organized kitchens that were beautifully designed but were not planned for the items they actually needed to store!  Here are some great tips to have […]

Home Organizing Projects – The Ambitious Edition

Home Organizing Projects – The Ambitious Edition

Have you worked your way through the Quick and Easy Home Organizing Projects and the One Day Home Organizing projects and now you’ve caught the organizing bug and are ready to take on a more challenging project?  If you’re feeling really ambitious, try out one of these tougher, but […]

Spend a Day on your Home Organizing Projects

Have you suddenly found yourself with a day free to be able to tackle some of your home organizing projects?  Maybe the kids just went back to school or everyone went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend.  Whatever it was that gave you this day, don’t question it!  If you have the chance and […]

4 Steps to Reorganize Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen out of control?  Is the lack of an organization system driving you crazy but you don’t know where to start?  Try these 4 Steps to Reorganize Your Kitchen and spend more time cooking and less time looking for things!

1. Have a plan

Many times, gadgets and utensils are where they are simply because […]

Winter: Cold, Dark, Wonderful – Project #1 Kitchen Pantry

There are 4 weeks left until Spring is officially here.  So, how about a winter project series?

If I had to wager, I’d bet that you disagree with the last word in the title of this posting – wonderful – as being an appropriate description of winter.  But for me, it is accurate.  Growing up in […]

Recipe Binder

Organizing Clients’ Recipes
I’ve spent many hours organizing recipes for a client, beautiful big 3 ring binders of fabulous things to make and eat.  I can admit that I am quite jealous of this.  I have very few recipes compared to this client (one – one inch binder). Some, however, are used over and over again, […]