Green Organizing

4 Winter Organizing Tips Before the Snow Flies

These 4 winter organizing tips can help you be more prepared for the winter season to begin in earnest, even if you don't want it to.

It’s Not Too Late to Organize the Garden

The lazy, hazy days of summer can be a perfect time to organize your garden to make next spring easier and be ready for fall planting.

Spring Cleaning Our Yards and Gardens: Part Two

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Last week, we talked about what first steps you can take to begin organizing your yard and garden. Once you’ve removed debris, raked the yard, and planned your new season’s garden, you can start creating your new space.

Purge, Prune, and Prep

Purge everything that will not be part of your new look. Do this […]

Spring Cleaning Our Yards and Gardens, Part One

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton
How to Get it Done
Winter can wreak havoc on a yard. As spring arrives and our thoughts turn to spending more and more time outside, so do our concerns about how to make our yards and gardens as beautiful as possible. We try to make them less cluttered, cleaner, better organized, more able […]

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce: Earth Day Is April 22

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton
Excess Clothing
April 22 is Earth Day, and as we try to reach a billion acts of green, one of the categories we see a lot is excess clothing. We’ve been talking about organizing our wardrobes, but when you get rid of clothing, it’s important not to just throw it away. Donate or recycle – but don’t […]

Recycling Alert – Household Medication

Recycling Alert – Household Medication

Expired or no longer needed medication has long been a difficult type of item to dispose of. What’s the best way to get rid of old allergy pills or antibiotics we no longer need? Do they go in the trash? Do they go down the drain? Well, luckily for us, the […]

Recycling Alert – Brita Water Filters

Recycling Alert – Brita Water Filters!  The Organizing Maniacs have an exciting new recycling alert – Brita water filters can now be recycled at your local Whole Foods Market.

Nothing makes our fearless leader Cris happier than finding a new resource for recycling. When she got word that Whole Foods was recycling Brita water filters, we […]

Recycling Alert – Eye Glasses


Recycling Alert – Eye Glasses! For those of us who wear readers or full-time eye glasses, we know that it’s not uncommon for us to stash pairs of them around the house. In the nightstand, by the couch, in a kitchen drawer. When the prescription changes, often times we end up with several pairs we […]

Green Organizing – Keeping You Organized a Podcast by Smead

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton talks Green Organizing with John Hunt on the Keeping You Organized a Podcast by Smead.

Donate your empty ink toner cartridges to CLIPUS

Clean up the clutter and help kids
in need with CLIPUS!

Organizing Maniacs is excited to announce that we have found a new resource in our efforts to dispose of unwanted items through eco- and social-recycling. CLIPUS Foundation is using empty ink toner cartridges “To facilitate and enhance the education of children in need by providing them […]