Back to School Organizing Tips

Our best back to school organizing tips are designed to minimize the chaos and stress of the school year so that you and your child have a great year.

Summer Activity Calendar for Kids

Are you ready for school to start yet? It’s only a few weeks into summer for most kids, and they’re already bored. You can’t plan elaborate adventures for every day. While that vacation might be on the calendar, it seems far away for kids who are bored today. With a bit of planning ahead, either a […]

Revolutionize Your Small Business with this Book by Katie Mazzocco

I talk a great deal about staying organized and do my best to help you find the strategies that work in your life. To-do lists are a fantastic tool and a good step towards productivity. If, however, you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur with what feels like a never-ending to-do list, my friend Katie […]

Back to Summer Organizing Tips

by Kathryn Anderson
You’ve read our back-to-school organizing tips, but summer organizing can be just as challenging! What should you do with all of these supplies when the school year is over? You now have used notebooks, dirty backpacks, and writing utensils that you won’t be needing until the fall (or maybe you’ll never need them again)! If […]

Maniacs’ Book Club – Messy ~ Tim Harford

April 2017 Maniacs’ Book Club – Messy: the power of disorder to transform our lives 

by Tim Harford

“Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives celebrates messiness in our lives: why it’s important, why we resist it, and why we should embrace it instead. Drawing from research in neuroscience, psychology, and social science, as well as […]

Back to School Means Back to Organization

According to a study released today by our friends at, the place to find the best deals on self-storage and full-service storage, 45 percent of Americans believe fall (Back to School time) is the best time to get organized – debunking the notion that spring cleaning is the most opportune time to get your home in […]

Spark Joy – Marie Kondo is back

Marie Kondo is back at it!  This time she brings us Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up.  The Maniacs chose this for our book club to see what the tidying guru had in store for us this time.

Kondo is the queen of overhauling spaces, sparking joy, and […]

Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

“A Twist of Lyme – Battling a Disease that Doesn’t Exist” is author Andrea Caesar’s personal memoir, in which she bravely narrates her difficult battle with Borrelia burgdorferi, better known as Lyme disease. She shares her intimate stories to bring comfort and hope to others that share her afflictions.

A […]

Student Organizing Tips

Student Organizing Tips

The first semester of school has come and gone. How have your kids survived? For many children, especially those who started middle or high school for the first time the first semester can be tricky. A new set of expectations, a new type of schedule, all things that make the transition difficult for […]

CHADD Parent to Parent Workshops

Since we are CHADD members and love what they do, we at Organizing Maniacs would like to share a great resource opportunity for a couple of CHADD Parent to Parent Workshops.

About the program

Designed by parents for parents, this 14-hour, multi-session, interactive training program is delivered by certified Parent to Parent teachers. Their experience and perspective […]