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Stain Removing Hacks You Can’t Live Without

These stain removing hacks can help you get rid of annoying or stubborn stains that keep your house from looking amazing.

10 Spring Cleaning Projects You Can Do in an Afternoon

These 10 spring cleaning projects can bring some sunshine into your home and none of them take longer than an afternoon to complete.

5 Hacks to Declutter the Kitchen Counter

These 5 hacks will help you declutter the kitchen counter just in time for the holidays - and help you keep them decluttered into next year!

Even Your Cleaning Equipment Needs Cleaning

Spring cleaning is right around the corner…just as soon as the snow melts.

Organizing and cleaning go hand in hand. As you organize, you may have extra laundry, dishes, and dust bunnies, but what if the items you’re cleaning with aren’t actually clean? When giving your home a thorough once-over, you will want to be mindful […]

Spring Cleaning: Let the Sunshine In

Are you as eager as we are to swap winter for spring wardrobes and exchange snow shovels for some gardening tools? Unfortunately, the downside to tossing open those curtains to let the sun shine in is that the damage from being stuck inside all winter is obvious.

It may not seem like it outside right now, […]

Organizing Tips: Make Household Chores Easier

Household chores can be the key to both a clutter-free household and a clutter-free mind, but not every task comes complete with the same level of enjoyment. One person may have an impeccably organized closet, but the kitchen cupboards are overflowing. Another could find pleasure in an organized office, but find completing a single chore […]

Organizing the Living Room to Create a Space You Love

We’ve been talking about decluttering and organizing the living room to create a space you love to spend time in, whether you’re entertaining friends or on your own. The whole point of a living room, of course, is that we spend a lot of time living in them. That means at the end of the […]

How to Get Rid of A Mattress Infested With Bed Bugs

Guest Contributor Mark Stanford
They’re not in the news as much as they used to be, but one of the most difficult things to deal with in a home, especially a cluttered one, is bed bugs.

It’s entirely possible to do the treatments yourself if you want to, but it’s probably better to bring in a professional. […]

Organization Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect – and Neither Do We!

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

I’m not perfect. And what I’ve learned is that I don’t want – or need – to be perfect. In fact, I’d rather be happy, less stressed, and less organized than try to be perfect.

We all have lots of reasons for not being as organized as we want to be, whether it’s our […]

New Year’s Resolution: Clutter Diet

Every year, most of us make New Year’s resolutions about getting healthier, losing weight, eating better, and exercising more. And those are all great goals! They help us keep our stress levels lower and improve our health. But did you know that there are other ways to keep your stress at bay?

Stress is caused by […]