Clutter-Free Gifts

Last-Minute Fall Projects Before the Holiday Frenzy

It’s important to take care last-minute fall projects while you still have the time, energy, and patience! The holidays will be here before you know it!

The Best Gift is an Experience

This time of year is dedicated to gift giving, but what if the best gift led to less stress and clutter? Material gifts are hit and miss, with many purchases stored in closets or on shelves, or even returned to the retailer. It’s a waste of time, money, and energy, but what is the solution? […]

New Year’s Resolution: Clutter Diet

Every year, most of us make New Year’s resolutions about getting healthier, losing weight, eating better, and exercising more. And those are all great goals! They help us keep our stress levels lower and improve our health. But did you know that there are other ways to keep your stress at bay?

Stress is caused by […]

Holiday Reflections

A few years ago, I challenged the Organizing Maniacs to write about their clutter-free Christmas memories. What came out of those stories was a clear picture that when it comes to the holidays, it’s not about the stuff – it’s about the people we spend time with and the memories we make. As I look back […]

Manage Overwhelm through the Holidays and All Year Long

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Is it the most wonderful time of the year, or the most overwhelming? Managing overwhelm during the holidays can be difficult. As much as I love the holidays, they can come with their own frustrations. With all the chaos that can ensue, it is so important to manage the aspects of our lives […]

Strategies to Help You Minimize

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

In a day and age where having “stuff” is everything, collections can grow and clutter becomes overwhelming. Minimalism is a new trend, but it’s not about just getting rid of stuff – it’s about being smart about what you keep, what you value, and how you store it so that you can find […]

Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here are some ideas for Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Ah, love.  What a beautiful thing.  Whether you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s with a sweetheart or Galentine’s with your best buds, make sure this February 14th is filled with love, not clutter.  Read below for our favorite Clutter-Free Valentine’s Day Gifts.


The Gift of Time

Give the gift of […]

Want to buy your Girlfriend or Wife a Gift Certificate for Organizing Services?

During the Holidays and Mother’s Day, we get a lot of calls about our Gift Certificate program. We get calls from organized husbands and boyfriends, and sometimes girlfriends and wives as well. Sorry Gentlemen, but it is mostly men calling. Everyone wants to buy their wife or girlfriend a Gift Certificate for Organizing […]

Legacy Memorabilia

Legacy Memorabilia

I was recently interviewed by the Washington Post and the reporter asked me what are some of the things that overwhelm baby boomers. Legacy Memorabilia was the first answer out of my mouth. That was an easy answer because Legacy Memorabilia is everywhere in our older clients’ homes.  The Holiday memorabilia, especially, seems to become […]

Holiday Organizing

Holiday Organizing

Well, the weather may not have turned chilly yet, but that doesn’t mean the Holidays aren’t right around the corner. And while you plan for that tasty turkey (or tufurkey for some of us), now is a great time to think about how to get the most out of your holiday organizing. What is […]