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Spark Joy – Marie Kondo is back

Marie Kondo is back at it!  This time she brings us Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up.  The Maniacs chose this for our book club to see what the tidying guru had in store for us this time.

Kondo is the queen of overhauling spaces, sparking joy, and […]

How To – Spring Clean Your Home Office

Winter has come and gone.  Well, and kind of come back again.  But have no fear, it will eventually be Spring!  To prepare, check out our favorite tips for how to spring clean your home office.



Just like the sky clears up and lets the sunlight through, now’s the time to clear some of the piles […]

How To – Get your Family On Board with Organizing

How To – Get your Family On Board. Part 1

Having a clean house while raising children often times seems like an oxi-moron and without a lot of support and a lot of time, the Pottery Barn catalog picture may be unrealistic for many of us with a busy DC Metro area family. But not to worry, […]

How To – Organize Your Office

How To – Organize Your Office

Keep your style in mind

Does your desk face away from the rest of the house and leave you staring at a blank wall? Is it dark and you thrive on light? Is it cold and you work better in the warm? Does the artwork inspire or distract you? Set yourself […]

March Madness – A Time Management Trick

March Madness – A Time Management Trick

I was recently working with a client who had called to get her office organized. She was frustrated by piles of paperwork around her home office. She wanted help to create a filing system for her home and business paperwork. She also wanted to know any strategies that could […]

Home Organization – Form versus Function

Home Organization – Form versus Function

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and tackle that home organization project. Maybe it’s your kitchen, perhaps it’s your office, or the kids room, or even.. the basement. Whichever area around the house you’ve chosen to organize there comes a point at which you must decide how you are going […]

Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

“A Twist of Lyme – Battling a Disease that Doesn’t Exist” is author Andrea Caesar’s personal memoir, in which she bravely narrates her difficult battle with Borrelia burgdorferi, better known as Lyme disease. She shares her intimate stories to bring comfort and hope to others that share her afflictions.

A […]

Student Organizing Tips

Student Organizing Tips

The first semester of school has come and gone. How have your kids survived? For many children, especially those who started middle or high school for the first time the first semester can be tricky. A new set of expectations, a new type of schedule, all things that make the transition difficult for […]

How To Organize Your Snow Day

How to Organize the Snow Day

Snow days are the perfect opportunity to organize with your whole family. Remember back in November when we couldn’t wait for the first snow storm? Daydreams of sledding, snowmen, hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire filled the air. Here in the Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area we […]

Why Didn’t My Planner Fix My Life?

Why Didn’t My Planner Fix My Life?

Disclaimer: I’m addicted to my planner. I love it and don’t want to live without it. I know that I am of the electronic generation and am expected to track my life on my phone, but I love my paper planner.

I often hear from clients, friends, and others that […]