Karen Rutkoski, Professional OrganizerKaren Rutkoski joined Organizing Maniacs in 2014.

Karen was born in Havre de Grace, MD in the very same hospital as Cal Ripken. A few years later she moved to Northern Virginia where she now lives with her husband and furry children – Alfie the Cat, and the mutts Boo and Tipper who Karen prefers to think of as designer breeds of unknown origins.

When she’s not adopting rescue animals or sending out pictures of Alfie’s latest mischief, Karen enjoys boating with friends, exploring new local restaurants, reading any book she can get her hands on, or trying out new recipes on her willing guinea pig husband.   She loves to cook and those around her love when she does because she always tweaks the recipes, adding her own special touch and making the dish irresistible.  She has been all over the world, taking many trips to Germany to visit family and exploring France, Austria, Canada, the British Virgin Islands, Alaska, Hawaii, and the continental US.  Where does she get all of that energy, you ask?  Karen is an avid fitness and health enthusiast and been teaching a popular dance exercise class for the past 18 years.

Karen’s flare for adventure and spark of creativity isn’t reserved for her personal life.  After 25 years working in defense contracting, she found herself helping bother her parents and her mother-in-law to downsize their lives and realized that helping people achieve their organizational goals was something she both has a knack for and truly enjoys.

Karen is a professional organizer dedicated to helping individuals and business become more organized, productive, and successful.  As a middle child, Karen is always looking for balance and committed to bringing her clients a sense of visual peace by helping them transform their spaces.

Karen is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-National) and has attended all of NAPO-WDC – MARCPO conferences since she started organizing in 2014.

She is a member of CHADD.

She looks forward to earning her Certified Professional Organizer – CPO® designation from the Board of Certified Professional Organizers in the near future.