Leanna Lockhart Professional Organizer with Organizing ManiacsLeanna Lockhart joined Organizing Maniacs in 2016.

Leanna is an avid outdoor adventurer, enjoying rock climbing, hiking, and taking in views. She hopes to travel to many exotic locations around the world throughout her life, but in the meantime she is happy at home with her cat and loves spending quality time with her nearby family. In her spare time, Leanna enjoys being crafty, often assembling unique homemade presents for family and friends.

Since her youth, Leanna has been an independent and diligent individual. She appreciates the importance of order, neatness, and preparedness. In her experience, Leanna has recognized that these are the key factors of being successful. By following these principles, she has lived a generally stress- and worry-free life–she values her down time for relaxing and enjoying her hobbies.

When organizing, Leanna ensures that tasks are completed while maintaining her calm and attentive demeanor. She loves to witness the positive effects the transformed spaces have on our clients.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Geology from Appalachian State University and a few years living in Charlotte, Leanna returned to her hometown in Northern Virginia. As an individual with a background in science, she applies practical logic to her everyday life and enjoys being hands-on.

Leanna is a Professional Organizer dedicated to helping individuals and businesses become organized, productive, and successful. Leanna’s work doesn’t end when she leaves a client’s home – she is dedicated to Organizing Maniac’s commitment to social organizing and social recycling.