CrisProfilePictureCris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton, CPO®, CPO-CD® founded Organizing Maniacs®, LLC in 2007.

Cris likes to think of herself as a nomad. She was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to the US at the traumatic age of 15. She has lived in several states and driven cross country twice. She loves road trips, and to watch independent/weird movies that nobody else seems to enjoy.  read more


Jennifer Sheller, Professional OrganizerJennifer Sheller

Jennifer Sheller joined Organizing Maniacs in 2014.

Jennifer was born and raised in Pottstown, PA. While her roots are planted proudly in the East Coast, it wasn’t until she traveled half-way… read more

Karen Rutkoski, Professional OrganizerKaren Rutkoski

Karen was born in Havre de Grace, MD in the very same hospital as Cal Ripken. A few years later she moved to Northern Virginia where she now lives with her husband and furry children – Alfie the Cat, and the mutts Boo and Tipper…  read more

Patricia Howell, Professional OrganizerPatricia Howell

It was a “heads” California, “tails” Virginia choice when Patti flipped a coin 20 years ago; “tails” won and she has never looked back.  Patti and her husband packed up their three young boys and their Chevy Astro van and spent 10 days driving cross-country.  read more

Pondara “Mimi” Sykhounmeuang, Professional Organizer with Organizing ManiacsPondara “Mimi” Sykhounmeuang

Pondara “Mimi” Sykhounmeuang joined Organizing Maniacs in 2016.

Mimi is a New England sports fanatic who is obsessed with football, baseball and anything else sports related! She was born and raised in Torrington a small town in CT, which was a fun coincidence that Cris’ cousin currently lives in that same small town. It is a small world after all!  … read more

Trang Huynh Professional Organizer with Organizing ManiacsTrang Huynh

Trang Huynh joined Organizing Maniacs in 2016.

Trang enjoys anything and everything that has to do with sports – especially tennis, soccer and college football.  She is a cinephile, which is just a fancy word for “Movie Lover”!  Ask her about her favorite movies when you meet!   …read more

Leanna Lockharg Professional Organizer with Organizing Maniacs Leanna Lockhart

Leanna Lockhart joined Organizing Maniacs in 2016.

Leanna is an avid outdoor adventurer, enjoying rock climbing, hiking, and taking in views. She hopes to travel to many exotic locations around the world throughout her life, but in the meantime she is happy at home with her cat and loves spending quality time with her nearby family. In her spare time, Leanna enjoys being crafty, often assembling unique homemade presents… read more