We help our clients sort through their stuff, we help them through the decision making process, we help them organize what is going to stay, and we help them get rid of the unwanted items.

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Cris is the owner and founder of Organizing Maniacs®, LLC, a productivity consulting and professional organizing service company located in Ashburn, VA. Organizing Maniacs specializes in providing services to clients challenged by brain based conditions like ADD, ADHD, OCD and Hoarding.  We provide services to those in the Washington, DC Metro area. Cris is a Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, productivity consultant, speaker and business success educator dedicated to helping individuals and businesses become productive, organized, and successful.

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Patti is a Professional Organizer and she credits a girlfriend for her most sage advice when her first son was born – make daily To-Do lists.  No matter how trivial, I was to record every little thing that I wanted to accomplish that day.  From Take a Shower and Brush Teeth to Do Laundry and Make Dinner, it went on the list.  It was such a great feeling to know, to see, that she had accomplished something during the day when so often she felt that the days went by just a little too quickly to get things done!  Patti takes that same approach to helping her clients, encouraging and supporting them in breaking down their organizing goals into smaller, manageable parts.

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Pondara “Mimi” Sykhounmeuang, Professional Organizer with Organizing Maniacs


Pondara “Mimi” Sykhounmeuang joined Organizing Maniacs in 2016.

Mimi is a New England sports fanatic who is obsessed with football, baseball and anything else sports related! She was born and raised in Torrington a small town in CT, which was a fun coincidence that Cris’ cousin currently lives in that same small town. It is a small world after all!

Mimi approaches her work with clients in a calm and very caring demeanor. She is deliberate in her listening and has compassion in her understanding on how clients are stuck being disorganized. She has a quick smile that makes you feel at ease and comfortable the moment she walks in the front door. Mimi has had a lot of interesting jobs after she graduated from college, but always felt a calling to do more. When she found organizing, she immediately knew that was the job for her.

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Trang Huynh Professional Organizer with Organizing Maniacs


Trang Huynh joined Organizing Maniacs in 2016.

Trang enjoys anything and everything that has to do with sports – especially tennis, soccer and college football.  She is a cinephile, which is just a fancy word for “Movie Lover”!  Ask her about her favorite movies when you meet!

After having worked in the medical field for over 10 years, Trang wanted to try something different, new and challenging. She has always thought of herself as being a very organized person, which in turn has allowed her to find a great fit with Organizing Maniacs.

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Karen Sullivan, professional organizer


Karen Sullivan joined Organizing Maniacs in 2017.

Karen was born and raised in Connecticut. While her passion is in helping people, she developed her organizing skills from her career in accounting and bookkeeping. She began her passion of organizing and tidying in childhood. Like most of us, she used to organize her friends when she went over to hang out and play.

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