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Back to School: Organizing School Lockers

It’s back to school season already!
Did your summer go as quickly as ours seemed to go? Depending on where in the country you live, the kids are either just getting ready to go back to school or just started back recently. Hopefully, you’ve already sorted through clothing and supplies, updated wardrobes and have school snacks […]

Organizing the Fridge

Decluttering and Food Safety
Organizing the fridge is about more than making it easier to get to the eggs, although that is a great perk when cooking or baking. It’s about removing that forgotten takeout container buried behind the milk and juice. It’s about creating some logic in how you store (and rotate) your refrigeration-required food […]

4 Ways to Organize Digital Clutter

When was the last time you organized your computer?
Did you know that your computer needs cleaned, too? No, not the crumbs off the keyboard, but your actual data. A clean desktop and organized files promote productivity and reduces stress. When you don’t have to scroll through dozens of files, you can easily find what you […]

Organizing Tips: Make Household Chores Easier

Household chores can be the key to both a clutter-free household and a clutter-free mind, but not every task comes complete with the same level of enjoyment. One person may have an impeccably organized closet, but the kitchen cupboards are overflowing. Another could find pleasure in an organized office, but find completing a single chore […]

Maniacs’ Book Club ~ Spark Joy ~ Marie Kondo

Report by Jennifer Sheller


In this follow up book to her first New York Times best-selling book which introduced the “Art of Tidying,” Marie Kondo gives readers a detailed blueprint on how to get organized. Everyone has a unique organizing […]

Organizing for Summer: Road Trip

It’s August. Are you trying to squeeze in a last-minute summer road trip? It can be a fantastic way to spend quality time with family and friends, and it is a less expensive form of travel that you have a lot of control over. You would think that since you’re not at the mercy of […]