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Chronic Disorganization

Many people are not familiar with the term chronic disorganization, but even if they don’t know the term, they know what it is like to live with it. According to the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, chronic disorganization is defined as a person having:

A past history of disorganization in which self-help efforts to change have […]

Patti Takes on Junk Mail!

Patti Takes on Junk Mail!

Our very own Patti Howell has taken on a daring and dangerous home organization mission. One that will require strength, stamina, and the ability to deal with multiple paper cuts. That’s right, Patti is taking on… junk mail!

Last month Patti realized that she had had about all she could take of […]

To Resolve or Not To Resolve – That is the Question

To Resolve or Not To Resolve – That is the Question

2016 will be here in a matter of days. Already the internet is streaming with New Year’s Resolutions tips and ideas. Gyms are advertising special rates for new sign ups, health food stores are stocking up for our arrival. So, my question to you is […]

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