Monthly Archives: February 2015

An Experiment in Time-Management

The Maniacs are busy reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg for our next book club and this inspired me to try an experiment in time-management and the power of habits.  There is a lot of discussion in the first portion of the book on working memory, executive functions, and how our ability to keep […]

Meet Karen Rutkoski

Meet Karen Rutkoski! Karen is a Northern Virginia native with a passion for organizing. She’s always keen to try a new recipe for dinner, to check out a new book, or to find a new place to go for a day trip on the back of her husband’s Harley. We sat down with Karen to […]

Clutter-Free ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day For any Love Language

Looking for the perfect gift for the one you love? Look no further. Here are just a few suggestions for clutter-free ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, no matter what your partner’s Language of Love is.

Words of Affirmation

Write a love letter or poem or song (or read one you feel fits your feelings for your partner)
Write […]

Small Wins and Lasting Change

The Maniacs are busy reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg for our next book club, and while we are not yet finished, there is a section on small wins that is really sticking with me. In this section, Duhigg speaks to the power of frequently achieving small goals and how they compound on […]

Make Unpacking Fun

I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with the Kaley Belakovich of Angie’s List, last week.

She was writing an article on “How to make Unpacking Fun,”  and after a few minutes on the phone we decided that unpacking will probably never be fun.  However, it can be less painful!  She wrote a great article […]

Book Club – Worn Stories

This month the Maniacs book club read Worn Stories by Emily Spivack – a collection of famous artists or public figures’ short stories about a piece of clothing that holds an important story for them. Each story is less than two pages but filled with life and emotion and accompanied by a photograph of the […]