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Clutter Safety Month: Are You Prepared? Part 2

It’s Clutter Safety Month! Don’t let old bike helmets, car seats, and old first aid supplies become unsafe clutter for your family.

Car Seats
If you’re keeping your old car seat to hand down to another child in the family, know that car seats expire. Beyond expiring, it’s also important to be sure that you’re using the proper […]

Book Club – Getting Things Done – David Allen

Most people looking for organizing help will at some point encounter David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach to organizing. And while Getting Things Done is a great systematic approach to streamlining a home office or busy workplace, we suggest making sure that it fits both your needs and your learning style before jumping on board.


Getting […]

Why should I care about professional organizer certification?

Why should I care about professional organizer certification?
Because what that means in a nut-shell is that we have a lot of experience!  Pursuing certification by a professional organization will demonstrate that your professional organizer is committed to professional development, ethics, and their business.

Before we talk about why, we should talk about what it means.

Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®) is […]

Where do I find a Professional Organizer

Where do I find a Professional Organizer?

If you just started looking for a professional organizer, I am sure you are confused by all of our industry acronyms.  Beware, that there are always new ones being added.  I would recommend hiring a professional organizer that belongs to one of these organizations.  Belonging to a professional organization will […]

Happy Splurge Day!

Happy Splurge Day!
Yes, you heard that right, we said Splurge. We Professional Organizers may be notorious for purging, sorting, and labeling, but we’re people, too, and we splurge occasionally. Just as it is with any organizational strategy, the key is to make smart, deliberate choices. Splurging too often can create a clutter nightmare or […]

Clutter Free Father’s Day Gifts

Clutter Free Father’s Day Gifts
It’s Father’s Day and you know what that means. We Maniacs have come up with some clutter-free gifts for the awesome dad in your life.



My dad was always harder to please!  But, he loves politics and soccer.  On Father’s Day I normally let him complain about all of the shortcomings of […]

How to hire a professional organizer?

How to hire a professional organizer?

What brought you to this question?

You have gotten away with an out-of-place pile of paper, a computer that needs recycling, or have some clothing in a closet that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Then, there is more junk mail arriving, new electronics being purchased, and the inflow of stuff into your […]

Clutter Safety Month: Are You Prepared? Part 1

June kicks off Clutter Safety Month. Do you know what to do to be prepared for you and your family? Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Extinguishers

Asking for Help

You are not alone -- I challenge you to be brave, give yourself permission to ask for help with organizing your home, and be glad you did.