Monthly Archives: March 2014

Take Control of your Clutter

I am in Control Day - Four tips to take control of your clutter from some of our favorite authors.

Green Organizing

Why does it matter? Just like a successful organizing system takes into account future needs, it’s important to make sure that we are responsibly disposing or passing on our unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way. What can you do? We’ve worked hard to compile a resource page for anyone looking for answers on where to donate, recycle, or give back unwanted items. If you know of any we have not listed, leave a comment and let us know! Check out the amazing list of resources

Green Tools and Green Organizing Products

Our favorite Eco-Friendly Green Organizing Tools & Products Many times we have noticed that our clients do not really want to hang on to all of the stuff in their home, but they do not want to see it dumped into the trash. We agree. Knowing the options availably for disposing of items can help to make the sometimes difficult decision to let something go. For example, did you know that some donation retailers are accepting ripped or stained fabric so that it can be recycled? Also, many counties now offer free electronic recycling and shredding events on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Book Club – Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash – Vickie Dellaquila

This month, Organizing Maniacs read the senior resource book Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash, which we all found to be both compassionate and helpful. Two lessons learned from this book we would say two is to have respect and give the older adult time.