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Getting organized got you down?

I was recently asked at a presentation how we as Organizing Maniacs manage to keep our sessions positive when working with clients who are chronically disorganized. I found myself taken aback by the question, not because I was stumped, but because I have never thought of it as something that I have to ‘manage’ to do. My answer was, and is,

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton Receives Aging Specialist Certificate

Congratulations to Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton for receiving her Aging Specialist Certificate from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

5 Easy Ideas to Take the Stress Out of Your Morning Routine

5 Easy Ideas to Take the Stress Out of Your Morning Routine The internet may never sleep, but I certainly should. And although I always have good intentions of going to bed at a decent hour, getting a full night’s rest, and waking up refreshed for a new day, this is often a difficult goal to achieve. Pinterest has stolen hours, if not days, of my life without me even realizing it, the arrival of Summer means the kids have activities that run later into the evening, and sometimes I am so absorbed in reading on the couch that I don’t notice the hours tick away until it is

What is Chronic Disorganization?

What is chronic disorganization? Let me first tell you a story. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to push a huge stone to the top of the hill. With great physical exertion he pushed and pushed all day long until he got the stone all the way to the top. But no sooner had he reached the top than the stone rolled all the way back down to the bottom. Sisyphus then had to begin his efforts all over again. This is a quote

2013 Planner Pad – One Professional Organizer’s Review

I love planners. I always have, really. Mine was the color-coded highlighted one in high school, and I maintained a paper calendar throughout college and all the way up until last year when I switched my appointments to Google Calendar. I made it about 8 months before I integrated a paper planner back into my life.

Stephanie Wright Receives Level I Certificate in Basic ADD Issues

Congratulations to Stephanie Wright for receiving her Level I Certificate of Study in Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

Life Transitions – It happens to organized people too!

Every week we work with clients who are going through, about to go through, or have just been through a major life transition. These typically include a change in any combination of the following: marital status, death of a loved one, job status, living situation. In the last ten years of my life I have managed to hit most of these transitions. I have moved eleven times (I know, it’s extreme), gotten married