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How To Organize a Coat Closet

Learn how to organize a coat closet in this video:

Getting organized is on everybody’s to-do list!  Organizing an average 2000 square foot home can take up to 80 hours or more.  How about starting with a small project to get your feet wet?

Stephanie Wright starts us off with how to orgainize a coat closet – […]

Resolution #3 – Get Organized

Goal: Get organized.
How can you get organized and live a more organized life?

First, narrow down that goal. Figure out what ‘organized’ means to you.

Do you need to declutter your space, clean out a closet, create a filing system for paperwork, or maybe work on your time management? The more specific a goal is, the easier it […]

Metro Fare Cards

Recently, I was working with a client, and we were organizing her bedroom and closet.  As part of the process, we were also organizing her dresser drawers.  Of course, everyone has a junk drawer in their bedroom.  Her top dresser drawer was consumed with all of the usual suspects: glasses, kids toys, pens, pencils, business […]

Resolution #2 – Manage your time

Goal: Have more time.

How can you better manage your time while balancing all that life throws at you?

Life is fast-paced and seems to be speeding up each day. With the advancements in technology making many tasks easier, it seems that we are expected to pack more and more into each day. The trouble is, each […]

What I learned from organizing a child's play kitchen…

What I learned from organizing a child’s play kitchen… I learned that organized parents sometimes raise very disorganized children.  This was confirmed by a class I took from ICD.

A lot of my clients complaint that their children never pick anything up.  Then I asked, “what is your clean up routine?”  They look at me as if […]

Resolution #1 – Spend More Time With Family

Goal: Spend more time with family.
Some common resolutions to spend more time with family and suggestions for implementing them in a positive and stress-free way.

How can you increase your productivity in other areas to leave more time for family?

At home: Try creating a productivity routine for yourself based on your strengths. If you work best […]

Meet the Team – Alexandra Epps

Alexandra Epps joined Organizing Maniacs in 2011.

Alexandra is an animal enthusiast who has rescued many pets.  Most recently she rescued a pet Starling named Harold.  Even though he often starts his chirping at 5am, she appreciates that he keeps her on her toes.

Alexandra understands that many clients may suffer […]

Meet the Team – Stephanie Wright

Stephanie Wright joined Organizing Maniacs in 2010.  Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. She has an educational background, specializing in working with children and young adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, executive function deficits, and ADHD.  She has worked with individuals of all ages and in all […]

Meet the Team – Julie Mehigan


Julie Mehigan, CPO® joined Organizing Maniacs in 2009.

If you’re looking for Julie, she’s the one over there with the old-school paper planner and the cup of strong coffee. Julie is a list-writing, fun-loving, family-oriented, CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer®).  After surviving 9 years of being a stay at home mom to her three […]

New Year – New You?

The tradition of creating New Year’s Resolutions has always been, for me, a bitter sweet ritual. On one hand, I love the idea of reflecting on the past year and setting goals to step into the next one with intention and with purpose. On the other hand, I dislike the notion […]