Are you just fed up with the clutter around your house and want to improve your home’s space functionality? Organizing Maniacs can help you be more productive at home and reduce stress in your life.

Whether you’re a major corporation, or working out of a home office, Organizing Maniacs offers solutions that not only reduces your costs, it can improve your company morale.

Life transitions are a great opportunity for charting a new direction in life. It’s so much easier to plan this when your space is uncluttered, organized and clear.

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Welcome To Organizing Maniacs®

Serving clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

There are times when you can get away with an out-of-place pile of paper, a computer that needs recycling, or some clothing in a closet that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Then, there is more junk mail arriving, new electronics being purchased, and the inflow of stuff into your home that does not stop. You can temporarily choose to close the office door, keep the closet unused, move all of the bags into the basement or garage and vow to take care of the clutter soon. Unfortunately, you are getting more stuck, and feeling more overwhelmed, without a real solution in sight. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel good about your home, your business or your life. If that sounds familiar, our Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) at Organizing Maniacs® can help.

Organizing Maniacs provides professional organizing and productivity consulting services to small businesses, and professionals operating a business office in their home. We also provide organizing solutions to individuals with ADD, ADHD, hoarding, chronic challenging disorganization. And of course, we enjoy organizing individuals, who just want to improve their space functionality and are just too busy to do it themselves. We can help you downsize your homes, as well as help your family merge your homes together. We can help you unpack all of your boxes after you move in or help you organize to sell™! If you have a storage unit and are ready to get rid of it, we can help you with that too.

We know it is embarrassing to let people get into your stuff. We understand what a personal experience letting someone organize your business, home and life can be. Most of our clients feel that way, but whether it is paper organizing, merging households, downsizing, unpacking, helping you manage your stuff, our gentle and thoughtful approach will help you move at a comfortable pace for you.

Productivity and Organizational skills can be learned. Getting organized is not as easy as reading a book, let our experience help you. Do not waste another minute looking at those piles of papers in your office or the clutter around your home. Don’t waste another dollar paying for storage. As a professional organizing company dedicated to helping people manage their things, time and space, we have made a commitment to help our clients participate in Eco-Social Organizing and Eco-Social Recycling. We promise to help you dispose of your unwanted items in the most Earth friendly way! We are working with several local organizations to help us achieve our goals.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  We are one of only a few professional organizing companies in the DC Metro area, which do not subcontract any of our organizing services.  Every member of our team is committed to you and your project!

To Simplify What We do…

We help our clients sort through their stuff, we help them through the decision making process, we help them organize what is going to stay, and we help them get rid of the unwanted items.


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We are serving clients in Virginia (Fairfax County, Loudoun County, parts of Prince William County), Maryland (Montgomery County) and Washington, D.C. (the entire District)